I have recently come out of a time of doubting the existence of God. It’s so easy to give up on God when you doubt, I just want to encourage you that through depression and doubt, God strengthens us in amazing ways.

For two/three weeks I doubted, and I hated every minute of it! All I wanted was God to save me, to rescue me from my own sinful self; I wanted to believe in God with all my heart.
But I couldn’t, in my own strength.
God was the only one who could save me, otherwise I would be faithless.

I waited. Through those weeks, hope (and I guess faith) kept me going. Some days were full of tears, others were full of hope that God would save me. Why did God wait so long? He has a purpose. Through those weeks I was taught patience and I was humbled. The more we wait and obey, the greater the saving grace will be! If God never saves you from anything, how will you ever love Him to the extent that He has purposed for us to love Him?

We have a supernatural God that DOES save! Last week, a speaker came to my youth group. His message was simple: come and be saved. (God uses others to help teach His children, why not talk to someone about what you’re going through?) After prayer, the Holy Spirit fell upon me, an inexpressible joy filled me. I had waited, and God had saved.
Doubt seems to tear your faith to pieces, but God has the answers to all things, call out to Him, and be saved.

~ Meggie
I would love to pray for you!