Written by JohnMacArthur.

What is authentic faith?
John MacArthur astonished me of his through biblical knowledge on the topic of salvation. The biblical concept of salvation is different from our normal, modern-day “altar call”. (I think the altar call is a great thing, I have participated in a few, but the normal presentation of Christianity needs to be edited and reviewed according to the bible.) As I read I began to realize the truth of what he was showing through the bible.

What are faith/ salvation? John MacArthur reveals the concept that “believe in Him & you’re a Christian”, is what it seems. (…Even the demons believe- and tremble! ~ James 2:19b). This book reveals how the concept is giving unsaved people a false sense of security that they are going to heaven.

For those who insist on taking luggage, the broad gate may be more appealing. It is marked “Heaven” – it may even be marked “Jesus” – but it is not going to heaven, and has nothing to do with Jesus. It is the gate for the religion of the masses, a wide-open gate through which anyone can pass without jettisoning self-righteousness, pride, material possessions, or even sin. But there is no salvation for those who choose this gate.
Receiving Christ does not mean we can merely add Jesus to the refuse of our lives. Salvation is a total transformation: “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” (2 Cor. 5:17). What could be more clearer than that? Old things pass away. Sin and selfishness and worldly pleasure are replaced by new things. This is the whole point of salvation: it produces a changed life.  ~ The Gospel According to Jesus, by John MacArthur. Pg. 206

Through this book I learnt what true faith is, how to distinguish if someone is saved, and to test my faith to see if it is ‘authentic’! (It is! :D) Towards the end of the book, the fact that we cannot add or take away from the salvation that God has given us was really impressed upon me.

What would you think if I took a felt-tipped pen and tried to add more features to the Mona Lisa? What is I got a hammer and chisel and offered to refine Michelangelo’s Moses? That would be travesty. They are masterpieces! No one needs to add to them.
In an infinitely greater way, that is true of Jesus’ atoning work. He has paid the full price for our sins. He has purchased our redemption. He offers a salvation from sin that is complete in every sense. “It is finished!” Nothing we can do would in any way add to what He accomplished on our behalf. Nor does “lordship salvation” suggest otherwise. ~ The Gospel According to Jesus, by John MacArthur. Pg. 240

There is much controversy on the subject of salvation – the salvation taught in the Bible is what I believe. We shouldn’t really be surprised about differences of opinion, even Jesus said He would bring division to the earth (Mat. 18:34-36; Luke 12: 51-53).

I would encourage every Christian to read this so that they may mature in faith, see common fallacies, and preach the Word of God truthfully and effectively.

~ Meggie, Copyright 2010.