The wise builder is the one who comes to Jesus, listens to his words, and then puts them into practice. This activity – this faith-filled approach to Jesus, the acceptance of his truth and then the application of the truth – is what Jesus said is like a man who dug down deep and built on a solid foundation. When problems and trials and the storms of life came, the “house” of his life kept standing… pg. 19 of Dug Down Deep, by Joshua Harris.

Joshua Harris challenges us to search for God and learn about Him with a new vigor. Dug Down Deep is peppered with stories of his life experiences; large words that usually equal boring like theology, doctrine, and orthodoxy are brought to life. It’s about digging down deep into Gods Word, and knowing what you believe and why it matters.

I know the idea of “studying” God often rubs people the wrong way. It sounds cold and theoretical, as if God were a frog carcass to dissect in a lab or a set of ideas that we memorize like maths proofs.
But studying God doesn’t have to be like that. You can study Him the way you study a sunset that leaves you speechless. You can study Him the way a man studies the wife he passionately loves. Does anyone fault him for noting her every like and dislike? Is it clinical for him to desire to know the thoughts and longings of her heart? Or want her to speak?

After watching this trailer I had to show mum, and we were both then excited about the book. When it came out in stores we pounced on it. 😀 I want to encourage 15 and ups to give this book a go!
~ Meggie