“Do not remove the ancient
Which your fathers have set.”
~ Proverbs 22:28

I have read this proverb a couple of times before, but something really struck out to me recently about this verse. It may seem like something that is not relevant today, we cannot really move the landmarks about our property to make it bigger. It cannot be done. But look at it in this way:

Once upon a time a girl arched her sore back as she pulled at a hoe through the ground. Her old father smiled at her through the window. She cared for her elderly father so much, she went to her hoe everyday (except Sundays) to bring in food for the widow. Her father was proud of his virtuous daughter, who walked in the truth and right ways.

Our fathers have set boundaries, and mostly all fathers agree that obedience, truth and goodness is the right way for their daughters. This is the ancient landmark. Even from old, there has been a landmarks fathers have wanted for their girls to stick to. Do not swerve from them, and you will be blessed by your heavenly Father.

What about your heavenly Father? What are His landmarks/ boundaries?