Elen stood frightfully thin in a short blue speckled dress with her eyes on the ground. A multitude of fellow elves stood in front of her and a large elf that held the scruff of her neck.  The tall figure sternly store down at her. They stood on the bright green turf under towering trees where the elves made their homes. This was their main square.
“I bring this lady,” he spat. “To your attention, people of Colwynn, Elen the daughter of Faust, the traitor and murderer of our country.”
Lothar stood tall and roughly threw Elen aside. The elves remained quiet, shocked perhaps.
“She is the one who has been giving how position away to the Borgs, she has the blood of our murdered loved ones and children on her head!” Lothar now shouted as he felt his own pain of loss. He was a warrior now, and always would be after losing his beloved wife. No matter how many men he killed in battle seemed to make up for it, but it made him feel better.
The elves were now chattering, some shed silent tears, others murmured prayers. Half their race had been wiped out in one night.
“This woman,” Lothar’s voice cracked with emotion. “Is also accused of poisoning her own family, and others.”
Elen had her face to the turf. Lothar stared at her, his eyes smarted. “Do you not say anything in defence?”
Elen raised her head. “It is as you say, I only beg for mercy.”
The elves took up a shout, yelling for justice to be served. Four elven lords bundled out of the crowd and walked over to Lothar.
“Is this true?” Ewan shook his head as he saw Elen.
“Yes, quite, m’lord, she said it herself.”
“Are we to expect you discovered this?” Ernan stroked his long grey beard. He was the eldest of the four rulers of Colwynn.
“Yes, and I swear with my life it is true. I overheard her on my patrol talking to Borgs. I have my son who heard it also if you wish…”
“No, we believe you, Lothar.” Ewan patted the warriors shoulder. “It is only a pity we could not undo the evil that was forced upon us.”
Lothar looked down for a moment, and then sighed. “What is done is done.”
“I will call the executioner,” the third lord, Flavien soberly declared.
“No- this woman begs for mercy let her have her case,” Lysander a young gold haired elf stopped Flavien by his shoulder.
“Lysander, you are out-voted. This woman must die for her treachery.” Ernan shook his head. “Remember you place young sir, you only were elected lord because your father died in battle.”
Lysander met Ernan’s eyes. “We are guilty of just as much bloodshed- we have killed thousands of Borgs everyday.”
“But they are our enemies!” Lothar almost launched himself on top of Lysander. “This woman is the reason we have experienced death these past few days- mark my words: if she does not have her just fate, then you and your house will so have it.”
“Let that be.” Lysander pointed his chin out courageously.

God died for the worthless pigs that deserved death. He didn’t die for pretty little boys and girls who were unjustly persecuted and captured by the devil. He died for the nobodies that everyone else wanted slaughtered- and at the end of the day, we are all nobodies, and all deserve such a death. But He saved us. That what grace is.

Grace: …the free unmerited love and favour of God, the spring and source of all benefits men receive from Him…
~ American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster.

…And the grace of the LORD was upon Him. – Luke 2:40

For you know the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich. – 1 Corinthians 8:9

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace. – Ephesians 2:8

God can save you; He has already died for you. And His grace makes you free forever from sin if you will only believe in Him, trust and obey Him, and confess your sin.