This November I am embarking on a dangerous quest in order to improve my writing skills, actually write a novel and be kind to my frazzeled mother who wants me to finally finish one of the novels I have started! (Yes, I get writers block a lot). Well, this November it is going to change!

I am setting down the yellow brick road of NaNoWriMoΒ , National Novel Writing Month- this aim, to write a 30,000 word novel in November. And you must all keep me to my word because I am going to get writers block but this time it is not going to stop me! I was inspired by the short sotry that I wrote for my blog (the below post) to write a full-length story of, so I will be basing myself on that lone seen and create a novel from it.

This means I will not be able to post to much, so I bid you all adieu as I embark on this quest- to overcome! πŸ˜€ If you would like to visit me on click here: