We watched this movie while at my Grandma’s this week. I have to tell you, I was expecting a boring, sports movie that my dad would enjoy. But it turned out to be an absoltuly awesome movie, full of laughs (we were all laughing), and a great message. I came out of that movie feeling the joy of the LORD and thinking, wow, God is good. Let me explain…

The story takes you through the story of a high school football coach who is just scraping together enough money to pay the bills, basically the him and his wife are doing it tough. One night he overhears a meeting at the high school discussing a new couch for the school. He hits rock bottom, and he turns to the LORD. I wont tell you anymore just in case you watch it.

This has to be the best Christian movie I have seen, and I want to really encourage you to watch it. The sport part of it really turned me off it, but it turned out heaps enjoyable than I had thought, I think our family wants to go out a buy it for our selves.

This movie is great for all the family. I would encourage you to watch it.