Homeschool Blog Awards Nominee ButtonWell, I will start with the news…. I have been nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards! If you feel you would like to vote for me, please click here: or go ahead to the website to check it out here: A big thankyou to everyone who had voted for me all ready! I had never even heard of the Homeschool Blog Awards before, so I am very excited. Thankyou, Amanda, for nominating me! 😀

My younger sister came up with this very pretty hairstyle this week, I immediatly asked her to do it in my hair, it reminds me of something that Jane Austen might have. It’s very simple, you only need to know how to plait!

All you need to do is divide your hair into three sections and plait them seperatly (not together! 🙂 ), then plait those three plaits together, just making sure that you use the outside plaits first so as to hide the middle plait behind them. Thankyou sis!

~ Meggie