I have being doing a bit of an easy study on the Youth of the Bible, the commands we have as youth and the promises. Here are some of the young men of the Bible that we can draw strength from and learn from. I hope to also post some of the commands and promises I have found.

  • David
    “And when the Philistina looked about and saw David, he disdained him; for he was only a youth, ruddy and good-looking.” – 1 Samuel 17:42
    David was not believed in. His brothers didnt believe he could kill Goliath, even King Saul didn’t believe he would be able to do it. The whole army was scared of this guy- no one would go out to him. But David, the youngest in his family, the one who was left all the chores and watching over the sheep went out as a youth and killed the biggest man that lived at that time.
    David went from being a young, scrawny youth to a champion and king. In the LORD was his strength, and he wrote psalms that are still read today. He had courage from above that could not be quenched. Where is your David-courage? Do you trust in yourself, or God? If you trust wholly in God, then all the Goliaths can be killed in your life.
  • Jeremiah
    “But the LORD said to me:
    ‘Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’
    For you shall go to all whom I
    send you,
    And whatever I command you,
    you shall speak.” ~ Jeremiah 1:7
    Jeremiah went from a scardy-cat teenager, to an amazing prophet as a young man. He stood up and preached powerful words that God had give him. The only reason he went from one who didn’t believe himself to such a faith-filled man was because of God’s love. God’s love is so great that when it washes over you and you realize who God really is, you do not fear anything else. The LORD is on your side, you need not be afraid of what people will think or do to you, becuase at the end of the day God is there as ever before promising safety over and over. (Dont believe me? Check out 1:19, He will keep us safe and help us to overcome!)

Go out today in the power of the LORD just as David did and with no fear just as Jeremiah was able. They were teens like you and I, and they did it, and so can you, because God is the same as He was then, He wants to use you today!

~ Meggie