This year I believed I needed a bit of a change, some fresh starts, new ideas. Through many brain storming and sifting through the putrid ideas, I am happy to present to you the new InkDrips. Come take a walk through new pages with novel changes, and browse through some of my genuine old posts in ‘the archives’.

I have also created a new blog this year. The Upward Call, will be following my own journey of faith so that my other sisters and brothers in the faith would be encouraged and would themselves aspire towards the Upward Call of a faith in Jesus Christ.
Through all these new changes, I will be updating both blogs often (at least twice a week). Posts will be mostly the same, with writing and reading posts on InkDrips and aspiring Christian posts on The Upward Call.

So I invite you to come and visit both of my hobbit holes and have a walk through them. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions please let me know.