After NaNoWriMo, my novel (current working title: Elen, daughter of Faust, though I am leaning towards ‘The Colwynn Chronicles’) hit a road bumb which made it roll, crushing any hope of ever being able to fix its numerous plot and character problems. I needed a bright idea – and fast.

It took many months indeed for things to brighten. I sat agonizing staring at the computer screen, groaning from loss of inspiration. After December and January of going through the rough road of torture and dry desert of forced stupid ideas, when I was without pencil and paper and wouldn’t be able to access it for a few hours. WHAM! Face down on the floor.
Light-Bulb On.

It happened at work, while filling washing freezer windows, when I couldnt leave my post on pain of death, so I had to wait. And hoped I remebered.
Well, I survived, AND remebered. Morning tea was immersed in scrambling words down as quickly as possible while receiving odd looks from my father.
That’s what happens to a writer.

So, I just wanted to encourage others in the same place at the moment. That it will come, it may take awhile (a very long while) but persevering always pays out. I also wanted to ask how do you get inspiration/ideas? Where do you manage to get struck down?

Also, if you would actually like to hear my new idea, please click here to go to my ‘Novel’ page for the *updated* synopsis.

Thank the LORD! The Giver of Ideas!