Reccommended for: Christians aspiring to heaven.

Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Hard

Over All Rating/ How much I liked it: 2/5

A Christian Manifesto cries for us to wake up and see our sin-stricken society of what it is and do something about it. As Christians shouldn’t we be out there, at any cost, influencing our government?
Schaeffer takes you through American history, from the government foundation in God’s law, to now when it has fled from God. He shows us how and why we should be influencing our government and putting a stop to laws that are not based in God’s Word, but quite the opposite.

A girl who has been working with the Somalian refugees has just been in our home and told us their story and shown us their pictures. One million- and especially little children- in agony, pain, and suffering! Can we help but cry? But forget it! In the United States we now kill by painful methods one and a half times that many each year by abortion. In Somalia it is war. But we kill in cold blood. – Chapter Five: Revival, Revolution and Reform.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading

: 15 and up for alone reading and reading aloud. Is a bit of a hard read, defiantly meant for chewing over slowly!


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