By Christopher A. Lane.

Recommended For: Christians who want a great realistic read of one fictional mans walk with God.

Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy/Medium

Over All Rating: 4/5

Ben is an creationist and archaeologist, he is looked down upon, and has trouble finding a job because of what he believes. He is given the opportunity to head a dig that has some very old artifacts being dug up and is thrilled. When he gets there, problems only seem to mount upon each other with few encouragements. Meanwhile, investigations start to probe into the disappearance of archaeologist Dr. Richard Grimm who went off by himself to do private excavations.

I really enjoyed Eden’s Gate, it has high adventure, honest Christian values and lots of discussions creation versus evolution. It is a mystery and full of adventure, I really enjoyed seeing one of the characters born again, and how all the seemingly random characters came together in the end with a fitting conclusion. It seemed a little slow at times, but most good books need a little perseverance.

Jennifer had done her best to leave the Bible alone, placing it on the table in her tent with no intention of opening it. But then, when sleep woudn’t come, she couldn’t resist. Before she could stop herself she was half-way through Genesis, her objective, scientific perspective beginning to fall away like an old, ill-fitting garment. She had found herself identifying with the characters, their mistakes as well as their victories. To her surprise, they were real people with real problems, not super saints who did everything perfectly.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 15 and up for reading alone and aloud (it does have some ‘scenes’ in it that are not advisable for younger children).