The Vikings had all gotten into hundreds of longboats, they were all following the one who held there leader, who was up ahead with the only light lest they awaken their targets in that midnight gloom.
Steadfastly they powered their boats along, forever following that solitary light for hours on end, some wondered if their leader actually knew which way to go to get to the coast, were they navigating by stars? Some doubted, and almost turned away, but when they shared their private doubts with the nearest longboat peddling frantically beside them, they were motivated to keep on going. Their leader was good and kind, he would have stopped if he did not know which way they ought to be going.
The midnight paddle seemed to go on for ages, all at once, however, they heard (but could not see) the breakers. They were crashing the shore somewhat fierce, and in the soundless night each one sounded like a huge, powerful tsunami, ready to take their small crafts and dump them on the shore, killing everyone.
But still they paddled on (perhaps a little slower than before), fervently hoping, that he knew what he was doing. Perhaps he could see the breakers clearly, perhaps they were nearing the shore already and they had not even felt the swirl of water underneath them.
Then, the first swirl of water made them rise to the nights sky and then fall again with a dizzingy speed, then another, then another. Some cried out in fright at the slow hills rising and falling, yes, they were getting closer now, but it was harder to stay on course now. Most of them fell a little behind, slowing their crafts right down, wincing their tired eyes at the distant blackness with the one solitary glow.
Then the waves themselves broke, rushing open them, expertly they took their crafts into position again, but still debatingly, could they trust the light ahead, were the waves getting any bigger? Would they crash a reef?
Some fell right behind and could no longer see the light, others pushed on, with the one voice ringing in their head. “Keep me in sight at all costs.” They pushed on, and gritted their teeth, trying to keep their attention into swimming the boats through the rough waves, trying to keep their minds from flowing quickly away with doubts and fears. The only thing that would bring them through now was trust.
As they tiredly fought wave upon wave, the dawn began to creep, and slowly, they began to see the reef on either side of them, and the wonderful planning of their leader ahead of them, the light in the boat had now been extinguished because it was replaced by the bright glory of the mornings sun.
Soon the the sand crunched underneath their crafts, and they pulled them like lightening up the beach, and were again reunited with their leader, the king of the Vikings.

~ Meggie, 2011. Protected with Copyscape.