Written by John Bunyan.

Recommended For: those with imaginative minds who call upon the name of the LORD.

Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Medium/Hard

Over All Rating: 4/5

The Holy War portrays the city of Mansoul as man’s soul, Diabolus (the devil) comes up to it in hope of sieging it and defeating it so he may rule, he tramps up to ear-gate with his army and breaks through when the inhabitants open the gates to him, and allow him to rule them after he has won them over with an eloquent speech. This is the story of Shaddai and Emmanuel His son sending out captains and armies to have Mansoul won back to Him.

The Holy War is a story of symbolism, it is a long parable showing us the war that goes on in our souls with the Devil tempting us and Jesus calling us back to him. I really enjoyed the symbolism in every line (there were a couple of *lightbulb* moments!) and the names of the people (Captain Charity, Captain Patience, Mr. Consience, Lord Will-be-will, Godly-Fear, Lord Covetness, Lord Anger, Captain Sepulchre and his standard bearer Corruption.) It was a hard read, but very well worth the perseverance.

Moreover Emmanuel resolved to make, at a time convienenant, a war upon the giant Diabolus, even while he was possessed of the town of Mansoul; and that he would fairly bby strength of hand drive him out of his hold, his nest, and take it to himself to be his habitation.
…Wherefore he caused, by the hand of one Mr. Filth, an odious, nasty, lascivious piece of beastliness to be drawn up in writing, and to be set upon the castle gates; whereby he granted and gave liscence to all his true and trusty sons in Mansoul to do whatsoever their lustful appetites prompted them to do; and that no man was to let, hinder, or control them, upon pain of incurring the displeasure of their prince.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 14 and up for reading alone and all ages for reading aloud.

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