One happy day, in the harvest of wheat
Birds were singing the happiest omen, the air was delicate and sweet
For Samson was to see, his beloved once again.
He remembered her, how delicate her figure
The blooming beauty of her face, like a blossom in the spring.
Samson smiled to himself, his heart was soaring
Her heart would be glad also, how happy to be hers!
Seeing the house, the home of his happiness
The hero was here, he had come for her.
“Where is mine wife,” quoth Samson modestly
to the girls’ father, who fumbled awkwardly.
“I really thought you hated her,” said the heartless man
The sun seemed to leave them, surrendering behind a cloud
Samson drew a ragged breath, fearing what came next:
“She was given to your companion, they have wed,
is not her sister better, take her sister instead!”
Samson kept from striking the man down, raging anger was roughly tossed aside
“Now I am blameless, whatever I do to the Philistines!”

 How could he do such a thing?
He knew they were in love.
Why did these things come to be?
Did he just have bad luck?


Going to the woods, getting some foxes
Samson scorched their tails and let them go in the fields.
They ran madly, monstrously alighting every head of grain
The fire glowed gruesomely, eating the field of the Philistines.
Samson slowly watched the still burning fire, it scorched and smoked
Bellowing into the black sky, brightly lit flames burrowed in the grain
Voices came cautiously on the wind, Samson left before he could be found.
The stars above shone bright, the smoke rose from smouldering flames
Men arose from the aroma of smoke, someone had burnt the field of wheat.
They reasoned resolutely, Samson was seen leaving.
It was he for his lover was given to another man,
an eye for an eye, they earnestly believed
so they went and burnt father and daughter, readily having their revenge.

On that starry night,
When Samson found what had been done
He reasoned to fight
And kill the Philistines, they could not run.

This is all I have written, I may add to it one day, but I think it will stay like this.
~ Copyright Meggie, 2011. Protected with Copyscape!