Written by Allan Maberly.

Recommended For: A Christian Adventurist

Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy

Over All Rating: 3/5

‘God Spoke Tibetan’ is about the faith of those who learned Tibetan and strove for over ninety years to bring a Bible to the Tibetans in there own language. This book is written in a novel-form, is very exciting with all the narrow escapes and Gods providence in keeping them safe even through the toughest circumstances. It is a book of perseverance, and it is a true story.
I really enjoyed this book, just to see the Tibetan life, the different gods they had, and how the Christians finally came through and gave the Tibetans a Bible, after so much blood, sweat and tears, they almost gave up hundreds of times, their patience is admirable.
Something that creeped me out a little was the descriptive pages of a sacrifice to their gods, and through that a Tibetan man would be possessed with an evil spirit, who then devoured the sacrifice. It was very confronting and real, got me thinking, it was defiantly very interesting to learn about the old Tibetan religion and how many flung it off for Christianity.

“Surely there must be some way to get a permit to fly from Srinagar.” Chandhu Ray looked again at the airport official. “Planes are still flying; so someone must be using them.”
“Only the sick and wounded fly out, and occasionally those with a Priority One Pass.”……..
….The officer glared at the two men, but thumped a bell on the table. A junior officer hurried into the room and saluted. “You called, sir?”
“Write out Priority One Passes for Delhi for both of the men.” Rising quickly he saluted and marched into another room.
Chandhu Ray again bowed his head in thanks. He had seen another miracle..

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 13 and up for reading alone and aloud.

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