Here are the top posts/articles and pointers from other writers (published and unpublished) that I have found reallly helpful in my writers journey.

A Duel With Writers Block, by Liz from Awake
“Hello, Writer’s Block, so we meet again…” the novelist said, drawing her sword.

The malignant villain circled the novelist, smirking at her. “Did you think you could really escape me, you poor little scribbler?”

“Honestly, yes. I thought inspiration and encouragement from fellow writers and listening to great music would be a sure way to keep you far from me,” she admitted. “I suppose I should not have underestimated you.”

“You are a storyteller, poor little scribbler. You should know the chief flaw of a protagonist is to underestimate their enemy. Yet you did it!” he scoffed.

The novelist brandished her sword, but behind her brave mask, her heart was sinking. How could she fight the adversary before her? What chance did she have?… Read The Rest Here.

The Write Stuff, by Max Lucado
We like to envision him as an old man with young eyes, wild hair, and a raging quill. He wrote by the light of a lamp in the lee of a shack with the fury of a prophet.  His pen could scarce keep pace with his thoughts…. Read the rest here.

A Writer Writes, by ‘The Shy Girl’ on Shilah.
Of late, I’ve heard the phrase: “A Writer Writes.” It took me all of two seconds to think of my 190 page manuscript still unfinished. “Boy, don’t they,” I told myself with a smile as I clicked off the Internet, opened my book, entered the password, and unleashed an entirely different universe as I had done several times that day. 

But as I closed my book thirty minutes later, feeling excited and yet distraught for my characters as tenseness had begun building and the climax getting so tantalizingly near, the phrase came pounding back like a bad headache or a stomach ache: A Writer Writes.

But why was I so iritated with the phrase this time? It’s clever, it’s cool, and it’s right, isn’t it? I climbed into bed, pulling my three covers up to my chin, and froze as I stared up at a ceiling I couldn’t see. A Writer Writes. And somehow I had to disagree… Read the rest here.

~ Meggie