Well, I thought I would share some bibliophile musings I have had this week. I must confess, I havent worked on my novel at all this week for busyness, which I feel ashamed to say, but holidays in Australia is coming up in a week or two (I cannot remeber exactly!)Β  and *hopefully* then I am going to give myself a goal- a very large goal. I can feel writers block coming on just thinking about it! πŸ˜€

I have been reading this week: Wait For Me, by Rebecca St James, Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, The Road from Home by David Kherdian and How to Ruin Your Life by 40, by Steve Farrar. I also hope to read soon Jane Austen Ruined my life, by Beth Pattillo which looks like a lot of fun!

Here is a poem I read in Heart toΒ  Heart, New poems inspired by Twentieth-Centuary American Art.

Dream Horses, by Nancy Willard

When I was thirteen I found two horses.
The shining one calls itself, Keeper of Lights.
The wild one calls itself, Never Tame Me.

Keeper of Lights comes when I call her from the stable at the end of the world hung with bridles and bits so soft a rose might wear them and love the journey.

Never Tame Me shies at the sight of a saddle,
bare as a wave with her rocking gait when we gallop on the dark meadows.
The rim of the sea is her fence.

One carries me home, the other shadows her
on the slippery trail shifting and shaking
where even a river could lose its way

between sleep and waking.

~ Meggie