I have always had a vague idea of why I wrote stories, what I wanted to share with the world, and why I persevered through National Novel Writing Month and other times that were equally strewn with writers block, desperation and the bottomless pits. I wrote to give God the glory, to show others… to show them- well, to God.
After finishing the last book in the Viking Quest series by Lois Johnson, it struck me. I wanted to write a book like that, this post isn’t meant to be a book review or anything- but I have not ever read a book that smoothly shows the true life (via fiction) of the spiritual journey to everlasting life; of the hard moments, the exhilarating joys, and the burdened lows.
I wanted to write a book that shows those that are struggling in their faith walk, the actual walk that leads to everlasting life, which is actually leading to everlasting life. I want to show that others go through the same trials, how to encourage fellow sisters and brothers in need, how to feed the poor, to read the Bible and how to find the person to share life with. Writing fiction is a way of encouraging sisters and brothers in the faith and giving a true-to-life person who follows their beliefs (a role model if you like) and to show Gods love to us.
(Just a quick digressing from the actual point: this does not mean that I will not write adventure packed novels, but that in the adventure the main characters will live their lives for God and you will see the snatches of the journey of their soul during that time. Imagine your favourite adventure novel, what if the main character had grown to love Christ during the adventure? How do you think it would have happened and when?)
I am one step closer to finding out what God wants me to write, and why. It is starting to crystallize. If you are an aspiring writer and don’t have a purpose to your writing then you will write common novels, with common evil and good characters and a fun (but normal) adventure. It is when you decide you want to influence your readers and show them something during your writing that you yourself are passionate about that will make an unusual novel that people will actually read and enjoy.


I guess now the next question is: What makes a novel a good novel?

~ Meggie