The Viking Quest Series (Book No. 1-5), Lois Walfrid Johnson

Recommended For: Historical Adventurers and Christian explorers.

Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy

Over All Rating: 5/5

Briana O’Toole, an Irish lass and the daughter of a chieftain lives in Ireland happily with her family, learning to read Latin in the local monastery and reading the Bible. Years before her younger sister Keely had been captured in a Viking raid, Bree’s parents did all they could to keep the rest of their family safe from the rough Viking Raiders that sailed in from the North and took their wives, husbands, daughters and sons for slaves. But in a raid, Bree is captured, she becomes the slave of Mikkel, a boy her own age and through all learns to trust God, forgive her enemies, and have a heart of courage. At first Bree starts out as a younger girl, I think of about the age 12, but as the books progress she turns into an eighteen year old.

I found Bree alive, real and tangible. She was really there, including the other main characters, Mikkel, and Devin her older brother. It was very well written. Great relationships between siblings are shown here, not once do Bree and Devin quarrel through there hardships. They stick together and encourage each other onward, ultimately seeing others come to the faith as well. The family life is full of love and encouragement, and towards the end of the series I love the old engagement process with Bree and how the aspect of ‘waiting for the right one’ is just taken as what is normal. This is a great walk of faith, awesome fast-paced adventure with a lovely ending. Basically, I consider this series a must read for any Christian girl or boy!

Thinking about the possibilities, Bree felt cold with dread. Then as tears blurred her sight, she remembered words she had memorized long ago. Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you-
Bree sat there, stunned. I gave the ransom for two others to go home. But Jesus ransomed me! Paid the price and set me free!
Filled with wonder of the promise she desperately needed, Bree looked out on the fjord. The beauty of the water and sky surronded her. And the quiet voice she knew went on.
I have called you by name- (Viking Quest Book 4, Heart of Courage by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: All ages! The most impact from these books will be given to those in the teenaged years, however.

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