theWorkshops - a Writing Mélange

Ara, a.k.a the shy girl is having a Writing Workshop over at her blog Shilah at the moment. It is a great chance for all of us writers to get together, learn some new tricks in the scribblers department, and to chat about it and share our own hints and tricks.
Here is a quick look at what Ara has posted about already:

Planning the Unplanned
It hit you in the middle of the book, mid-sentence, mid-thought of the author’s story— a spark of an idea, some tiny seed of imagination, a tidal wave of dreamy fantasy. Maybe it wasn’t a book you read. Maybe it was a song, a look, an emotion, something odd and different that set the world spinning in sparkling eddies of thought…. Read the Rest Here.

Your Evil Plan is Working
But what happens after you’ve got most of the idea gathering done and you’re staring at a treasure trove of fantastic, golden thoughts? I’m here to tell you. Planning, plotting, and outlining all run together – you can’t have the one without the other. I’ll just concentrate on planning/plotting today because, in some ways, outlining is a different gig altogether; and I’d like to take it in a different direction than planning and plotting……Read the Rest Here.

Have a pop over and take a peek!

~ Meggie