This month of May me, my sister and some of my friends have decided to hold our own NaNoWriMo, but of course on our terms. 500 words, daily for a month. We all found that we were falling behind with our novels, and we were not getting any progress, so now as I type my sister is sighing pathetically as she tries to write another sentence.
I have found that setting myself a goal in writing has really helped, other wise I just tend to let it go by, and when I feel so deprived of scribbling I return and hurriedly write for awhile until my fingers are throbbing, then I go back to a week or two without writing. Have any of you done NaNoWriMo? How did you find that ‘pressure writing’ as I like to call it?

Feel free to join our mad, feather-brained scribbles. Good luck to Amy, P.B. (my dear 12 year old sis) and Mel, I wish you well for all your schemings!

~ Meggie