She looked up, her eyebrows rose up on her forehead. “Colm!?”
Colm smiled, he held the reigns to an elegant bay stallion with wide hooves.
“W-why are you here? What is going on?” she turned to the Elf holding her, and he turned around and showed her his face. It was Spiro.
Elen gaped at both of them. Colm smiled.
“Elen, have you been brought to your senses? Do you see now what you have done?” Colms smile slowly sank down his eyes filled with hurt.
Elen drew in a deep breath. She could see what they were trying to do, they were going to try and help her get away and live in exile somewhere. They wanted to help. Elen looked up to the blue sky overhead, the sun filled her face, and she shook her head.
“I deserve this Colm, please let me go back to the tent-.”
“Elen,” Spiro grabbed her arm as she turned. “We have an idea that will show the lords you are truly sorry.”
“But how do you know I am?”
“Because you’re a traitor like me,” Colm’s eyes dug straight into her.
She stopped.
“Elen, are you sorry?”
“Yes,” she almost whispered.
“Then please take this horse and ride to over the mountains to the place where the men live and the dwarves and bring them here.”
“How will that help?”
“The Borgs have been attacking them for centuries as well, they want this whole land for their own, and all the treasure that is in it, there not going to go away unless all the races come together- and if we don’t then the Borgs will slowly war against us all and take over.” Colm held out the reins.
She nodded. If she died, it wouldn’t mean anything for the lords but if she could make it through, perhaps she could take away the wrong she had done and perhaps she might also be able to forgive herself.
“Thanks, Colm. You’ve been a great friend.”
Friend. She hadn’t realized it until now, how great it had been to have another Elf who knew what she had been through, who knew what the Borgs did and how lonely it was by yourself in a campful of Borg-ish warriors, even if you were on their side… …

I have now ditched my brand-new story scheme for Elen, daughter of Faust. That wonderful outline had many flaws that I didn’t expect, and frankly to tell you the truth I missed my characters that had been almost cut out in this version. So, I have thrown that away and returned to lovingly to my old characters and old boring story line, the first draft. After realising that no story is ever original, I guess I stopped trying to write a masterpiece or best seller, and I have just focused on my characters, the only originality in any story. They have grown closer together, and as the end result, the final epic battle will soon display itself, but how? I guess I am feeling a little bit confused at this moment. Does Colm like Elen, does Elen love Colm? Are they really just friends, and is Spiro in love and going to have his heart broken, or is he just a friend.
And most importantly, should Elen really ride off by her own self to unify the nations and regain her honour?

Have any thoughts?

~ Meggie