Written by Odo Hirsch.

Recommended For: Explorers and Adventurers that have a funny bone!
Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy
Over All Rating: 3/5

Bartlett, Jacques le Grand and Gozo, two explorers and their young accomplice set out to explorer the Forest of Plenty, with heavy bags full of Inventiveness, Desperation and Perseverance. But when they come to a city hidden in the Forest of Plenty, surprisingly meet an old friend and get into a pickle with him, can the young Gozo remember all he has been taught from the explorers to set things right?
I love books that make me laugh, and this is one of them. It is funny, adventurous and reminds me of a poem that speaks volumes of truth that has a humours jig to it. This is the third book in the series, so I would probably encourage you to read the first two books first, (which were better than this one). I am defiantly biased in my opinion of the Bartlett books. Through every book, the three explorers find out new ways to use Inventiveness, Desperation and Perseverance to get themselves out of sticky situations in a middle-aged land. You won’t find any dragons or fairies, but you will find selfish Queens who want melidrops (Bartlett and the Ice Voyage), people who live underground but covet the sun (Bartlett and the City of Flames) and an undiscovered city with people who want nothing to do with the outside world (Bartlett and the Forest of Plenty).

‘You don’t think there are any tigers here, do you, Mr Bartlett?’ he said after a while.
Bartlett glanced back over his shoulder. He had just slashed through a low-hanging vine with his machete.
‘Tigers? No, I don’t think there’d be any tigers. What do you think Jacques?”
Jacques shook his head.
‘That’s good,’ said Gozo.
‘Jaguars, I’d say, or pumas.’
‘Jaguars?’ whispered Gozo, almost too frightened to speak. ‘Jaguars aren’t- ’ He stopped, and winced, as a terrifying shriek pierced his ears from somewhere in the trees. ‘Jaguars aren’t like tigers, are they?’
‘Not at all,’ said Bartlett with effort, slashing at a branch. ‘They don’t have stripes, for a start’
‘And teeth?’
‘Oh, yes. They’ve got teeth. What do you expect?…… from Chapter 4.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: All ages! Gozo does find a girl in the end of this book that he ‘likes’ and it does hint that he kissed her but that is all. It is fun kid’s book through and through.

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