Hello, once again dear blogging friends!

At the moment, Elen, daughter of Faust, has had some improvement, I have finally been able to create some possible working titles, but you see, I have had to think of two new titles, and I might need to add to that. Why?
I have finally resolved myself to the fact that Elen, daughter of Faust is not just a book. It has to be two or even three books. *Desperate Sigh*. So now, I am about one third of the way through writing the first draft of Book 2, and whenΒ you realize that there is so much more writing ahead of you because you are going to write a mulitude of ‘parts’ for the one story, well, its very crushing. Instead of writing a fun adventue-fantasy novel, I am writing three.
And with that the nerves sky-rocket to a peak of fretfulness.

So, I need your help with these new-found, novel titles.
For the series, I am trying to give it a old, records book feel. The Colwynn Chronicles, it gives it an old, scared history book feel that lends itself to my tastes. What do you think?
For the first book, I am thinking about calling it something like:
Betrayer and the Betrayed (thats instead of Elen, daughter of Faust). And for the next book I am thinking, The Journey of Honour, or the Journey to regain honour, and then I had the thought of making it The Journey of Grace (because Elen is going to ‘find’ God in it). And if I finish writing and find that there really needs to be a third book, then I will have to think up something for that as well. *sigh*

Cannot wait to hear all your thoughts!
~ Meggie