While clicking around I found Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors, the blog of K.M. Weiland, a published author, who writes almost every second day of hints and tricks on writing your own novel or story, and she has also written an ebook called Crafting Unforgettable Characters, which is free to download, I have started reading it and it has been really great and helpful.

In the first chapter, K.M. Weiland gives a list of all the questions that she asks herself about her characters, to find out about there personailtys, a way she can quickly refer back to different information and to get to know what they are all about. As I ‘tested’ Elen in this way, I found most of the questions got me thinking, and made me realize how many holes there were in her character, and how she actually might not have acted the way I had written her.

Do you have a ‘Character Sketch’ or information sheet that has each characters personality, background, physical looks and other information? I found the questions gave a quick and thorogh look on Elen. So, some questions I thought were highly great in this list are:

What are him/her abilities?
Who does she fight with?
Who does she admire?
What do people see first when they look at her?

What do you think? What questions do you believe are vital of creating ‘unforgettable’ characters? Also, what do you do to flesh out your characters, and make them believable? Cannot wait to hear your ideas!