Picture Credit: D.I.Y. Public Art

After buying a cute notebook this week, and having inclinations of using it to write down every and any inspirational idea for a story that I have in it, I came across an article in the book, The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing by Writers Digest, I was inspired more to start some sort of a notebook up.

I have a thousand little random scences, sentences, characters, plot twists, and titles that I forget them, and when I am in need of help from the imagination department, there never seems to be anything avaible. (Funny that.)

In the Complete Handbook of Novel Writing, a writer was talking how she has a journal for every novel shes read. Everyday she sits down and puts in a diary entry with everything she is thinking about her novel, how she is going on it, and anything in her life which may affect her writing. I didnt get to finish the chapter, but it got me thinking. This could really be some sort of help.

Do you all have any ideas? What do you use notebooks for during the writing process? Do you have an ‘inspiring’ notebook, or a writers journal?

~ Meggie