Mariah tried not to listen to jolly laughing and fun coming from outside, she tried to turn her thoughts to the dishes, her red, worked hands coated in suds. She had to get dinner done before she could even think of going out where she knew those of her own age were having fun.
But when she did, all she saw was the beautiful girls with glistening hair, with long stylish dresses and their petite hands… and she saw the boys taking interest in anything a pretty girl had to say.
Stooping her head in shame, she looked down at her marked, hands and rough, ugly nails. She sighed and prayed for God to help her.


We hear so many stories that the girls with the working hands are better than those who have the beautiful hands that are cared for at every minute. But we girls rarely feel how precious we are because of our hardworking and helpful nature. It seems everyone else has it all.


Well, at the end of the day, will the tired husband that comes home be thankful for beautiful hands, or hardworking hands? In the end, petite hands wont cook the dinner, wont wash the clothes, sweep the floor or sew the clothes. What God made hands for suddenly they lose their purpose.


Have your hands lost their God-given purpose?