I had to do some research today on Regency era manners and etiquette. I had to share some of the very amusing rules that they had then! 🙂

A lady should not wear pearls or diamonds in the morning.

 In riding horseback or walking along the street, the lady always has the wall.

Girls were expected to get married and if they didn’t then they were supposed to dedicate their life to charity.

In going up a flight of stairs, you (the gentlemen)  precede the lady (running, according to one authority); in going down, you follow.

A lady never dances more than three dances with the same partner.

A gentleman is always introduced to a lady – never the other way around. It is presumed to be an honor for the gentleman to meet her. Likewise a social inferior is always introduced to a superior. (- I like that one a lot! 😀 )

If you are interested in having a look around at the different manners, you can have a look at some of the sites I got these off: Manners and Customs in the time of Jane Austen, Elegant Women, What Behaviour was Expected of a Lady, and I also found an article called ‘Jane Austens advice for Writers’ I thought that was very interesting!