After reading Amys one of her Far Above Rubies issues, I have set out a list of things to help me really dig deep into God’s Word and concentrate on Him.

1. Just read Gods Word for a week, dont read any devotional books or Christian non-fiction, just His Word.
2. Start reading the Bible from the begining, because the more times I read the Bible over and over the more overall wisdom I will have.
3. Have a short, ten minute quiet time in the afternoons, and as suggested in Young Women After Gods Own Heart, draw up a grid, and everyday I do devotions (a square for morning and afternoon) colour them in. (It is below if you would like to download it and use it for yourself).

4. Write down the things that stand out to me as I read them in His Word, and go over them daily. Constantly ask myself what is God trying to tell me?
5. Get back into Bible Memorization!

What do you do to dig deeper into His Word?

~ Meggie