“No one is allowed to leave the city for this week.”
“The King is dead, and they are searching for the murderer,” the guard stood with an iron face, then turned his horse, ordered the other guards to let down the portcullis and rode away.
Kalila breathed out. He hadn’t known who she was. She smiled.
A week? What would she do for a week? She turned down the street and heard some shouts in the distance. At least she surely would not be found out if she stayed low, everyone would taken up looking for justice for the King, and they would overlook her. She was no murderer… well at least that’s not what she called herself.
Suddenly the street filled with men on horses in red and black armour and swords that had been unsheathed, glistening in the sun. A man with a large red plume on the top of his helmet eyes darted from left to right among the people, Kalila kept her head down and tried to drop into one of the dark alley ways.
“That’s her!” he shouted. The horses picked up speed and rounded the corner.
Kalila stopped and turned toward them.
“You are under arrest, Missus Kalila. We have you this time,” the man with the red plume chuckled.
“Well- maybe,” she smiled.
“I have you in a tiny alley way- surronded and you say I may have you? Your bluffing.”
“Perhaps, perhaps not; do you dare take a step further to find out?”
“Slay the adultress!” he yelled pointing his sword at her. The men behind him dismounted and walked up to her.
Kalila smiled. Then she turned and ran.
“After her! After her!” came the generals weak shouts from behind. And the men ran, some on horses, she darting through those well-known streets, and they with their quicker speed.
Speed one, and she was dragged back to the man.
“Your coming back to where you belong.”
“Someone ransomed me- I am free!” she spat in his face.
He smiled at her. “I remember what I remember and I forget what I forget, ma’am.”
Anger seemed to constrict her breathing. “You dirty dog! When you are grovelling at my feet- one day- I will show you as much mercy as you have shown me you filthy mutt!”
He bent down from his horse and slapped her.

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