I’ve decided to start the Beautiful People adventure, which is hosted by Sky and Georgie. It is a list of questions that they do evey month that you pick a character for and get to know.


“Colm!” Elen jogged after him, he was just swinging the sack and fastening it to his own horse when she got to him. “Why did you do it?”
Colm’s jaw tensed. “My parents are dead; maybe you’ll have more luck, that’s all. But I don’t know anything- right?” He swung up on the horse.
“Yes, okay,” Elen smiled. “See you tomorrow.”
“You won’t, maybe the day after,” Colm turned his horses head to the mossy road and urged him forwards, and he was gone. Just like that.

 Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise? 
He is slippery character, you can’t tell what he is going to do next (well, for me anyway!) So he doesn’t really tend to have any habits that I can see.
What is their backstory and how does it affect them now? 
Colm doesn’t know who his parents are, or who he even is. At a young age he was kidnapped by the Borgs, and as he grew older he embraced spying for them against his own kin. At this moment in time,  his memories of serving the Borgs affect him the most. He feels guilty.
 How do they show love? 
Colm shows love by service. If he loves someone he will do anything he can to do something for that person. He is not good with verbally acknowledging how much he cares, but it shows through his actions.
 How competitive are they? 
I haven’t really seen him competitive yet, so I don’t think he would be very competitive.
 What do they think about when nothing else is going on? 
About his past, his future, and Elen who he hasn’t seen for awhile and is on a perilous quest, he hopes she is safe.
 Do they have an accent? 
 What is their station in life? 
He is an archer, a soldier.
 What do others expect from them? 
They don’t expect much from him, he seems to out-do any expectations any person has of him. They don’t expect him to care about the well-being of the Elven city, they don’t expect him to be able to have the courage to change his future, they don’t expect him to fight for what is right.
 Where were they born, and when? 
Sorry, he hasn’t let me in on this info –yet! I would say he was born in Colwynn, though.
 How do they feel about people in general?
In general, well, Colm was a little whatever about other people. He didn’t care for them, and didn’t care to meet them- but now he has softened a little and tends to think a bit more.

Colm’s thoughts turned to those who had lain dying as they fled. He had promised to come back for them, but he hadn’t. The doctors had come and brought those very bodies back and buried them, they had been too late. Colm sighed.
“Fighting for the Elven side is nothing I have ever experienced, especially after today.”
Spiro grunted.
“How did I miss this- this, passion and sorrow, the pride of one’s nation and the horrific death of fellow soldiers? How was it even possibly that I didn’t see it?”
They sat in silence with just the crackling fire as it burnt through the wood, and danced around it.
Spiro looked up. “You were blind, blind to what you didn’t want to see.”

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