Do you remeber the chicks that we got near the begining of this year? I posted some photos of them when they were little here. Well, dearest Spike did turn out to be a rooster, he will be going to a new home later on in the week *sniff sniff*, Buttercup turned into a hen, and laid her first little egg a month ago.
And Juliet? Well, we called her our feminist for awhile… because we were sure she was a hen, but she just didnt want to lay. But this week, I felt like a proud little chook-mother. She laid her first egg.
And…its shell was green.

Yes, it is a normal egg inside…. clear jelly surronding the orange egg yolk… but on the outside- well, who would like green eggs and ham?
I must say I never thought we would ever get a green egg. Since her first, Juliet has laid four more, small oval green eggs. And they taste lovely! 😀

~ Meggie