This sort of joy is not so much a Pollyanna, Sally Sunshine view of life as it is an understanding of what a joy-sucking battle-field the world we live in can be.
Joy-stealers come in all shapes and sizes, but most often the lack of joy starts in our hearts. – Joyfully at Home, by Jasmine Baucham

Something God has been teaching me the last week, is that He loves to bless us and that there are so many little things that could give us joy if we only looked. My eyes were really opened about this when Emily (at Wanderings of a Dreamer)  told how she loved to seek out the little parcels of joy that He blesses us with daily.
If I am in a grumpy, busy, or day-dreaming mood, I will miss out on all these lovely gifts, and at the end of the day I wish I had sought them out, like a treasured love note, or a quest for a powerful sword.

Here are some of the parcels of joy and blessings I have receieved today.

The warble of a nearby magpie as it sat right beside me.
The reddy-pink blossom that stuck out so hard that it might reach a patch of sunshine (and catch my attention?)
The amazement as I realize how many insects are crawling around the grass as I sit and watch for awhile.
A good book that makes me laugh every time I think about it.
The wind rustling through the treetops and rushing over my face.

Don’t go through today without seeing those packages of joy… seek them out, don’t let them sit aside and rot for want of attention.
Can you think of any packages of joy that brightened your day today?