“What do you think you are doing?” his eyebrows arched suspiciously as he fingered his sword.
“Ha-ha!” yelled the vagabond as he swung his sword at the other.
“What do you think you are going, you piece of swine!” he yelled as their swords met and started attacking each other.
“I am not a piece of swine, you bigger piece of swine- even though I don’t know what a piece of swine is!”
They paused, their badminton sticks lowered for a moment, and burst out laughing.

Yes, a little piece from my week. Playing the three musketeers with my two younger sisters is extraordinarily fun! I just wish I had such inspiration while using a pen as my only weapon.
This post is me moaning and groaning about NaNoWriMo, and I wont hold it against you if decide not to read the rest.
You see, I desperately want to do NaNoWriMo (its when writers come together in the month of November and all force inspiration and turn into wild maniacs locked away in our rooms while jamming out 1,660 words a day to make a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month), and my sisters are going to do it with me in the young writers program, which I am really thrilled about. So there is no question that I am going to do it, its more well… working on another novel?
I feel like I am betraying Elen, Colm, Spiro and Lothar by putting them on hold for a month. How can I do that to them? I have days when I evilly muse of going against the rules and just writing the rest of Elen, daughter of Faust instead… but I cant bring myself to.
Which brings me to my next problem. *sigh*
I have no idea whatsoever of a novel that I might write.

So I beg of you all, do you have any ideas? Comfort? (Maybe I should try some chocolate… :D)
11 days to go, and I am nervously laughing off that I.have.nothing.

A very despondent writer,