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Kalila gazed up, her eyes burning like fiery coals, her cheek stung with the slap.
“You will pay,” she muttered as other guards dismounted and pulled her arms behind her and shoved her down the street.
The general smiled. “Not to the prison, my fellows- but take the witch to my own house.”
Flinging her dark hair around, Kalila gazed back, which afforded her a shove onwards and a curse in her direction which caught her off balance and she almost fell. She wanted to grip that mans throat and suffocate him.
But why weren’t they taking her to the gallows? What was going on?

Kalila looked up forcefully from her tied hands in front of her straight into his eyes undaring.
“What are you planning, you evil toad?” she spat.
She was cleanly dressed in a magnificent red gown with gold edgings, she had been cleaned and washed in this man’s beastly house. “What do you want of me?”
He let his finger stroke his chin for a moment smiling, looking her up and down.
“How was the wash?” he sat down at his desk and sifted through his papers.
“It would have been nice if it were not here.”
“Ahh… you underestimate me, ma’am.”
She raised her eyebrows.
“I know what a woman loves, fashionable gowns, beautifying washes, cosmetics… I basically hold the way to get myself anything I would wish.” He reclined on his seat, a content grin on his face.
“I hold everything you give me in disgust you dressed-up pig!”
“Look here!” he rose immediately, almost yelling. “You should be hanging on those gallows right now, I have rescued you, and lastly I am the (or was) the kings general and I will not be thus treated!”
She spat at his feet. “That’s what I think of your grandness, your lordship!”
“That’s what you think of your own grandness, wench! Who are you to call me names when you yourself are the lowliest of this town? You killed the king!”
Her mouth went dry. “I didn’t.”
A small smile played on the corners of his lips.
“Yes, Kalila, you’re a murderer.”
She frowned, her head still held high. “Prove it.”
He laughed. “Prove it!? Prove it! Its about time you learnt that what I say goes. If I pronounce you guilty- you are!”
“No one will believe you, it’s to preposterous.”
“Yes they will. Remember that kindly gentlemen last night? He was the king.”
“The king?” He had got to be kidding, but when she looked into his eyes all she was a sparkling merriness and- truth?
“You were there- you killed him! You killed the king!” Her eyes grew wide as she whispered the words.
“No, my dear, you ran.”
She caught her breath. What wasn’t he telling her? Maybe he was making it up-“
“But- don’t worry I have a proposition to save you.”
She looked up quickly, her eyes narrowed. “How?”
“Marry me- and I will clear your name.”

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