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The author of this post is not liable for any unintelligible ravings, lunatical comments, or anything of the sort during National Novel Writing Month. Skip this post if you so will.

*breath in… breath out*

National Novel Writing Month has begun. And I decided what story I was going to do… the first afternoon of NaNo. Phew! That was a bit of a stressful day!

You see, I started writing a book I had thought up a couple of years ago, but I was really pushing the words out, the characters were unreal, and getting the words out was so troublesome. I felt like a blocked toilet.
Then my dearest Irish Chicklette rang me up and saved my day! There phones had been down on the weekend and I hadn’t receieved her email, she said she would do NaNo with me! Yay!
So I started our joint novel, Orphans Abroad (about two families who mothers and fathers get killed off as the story progresses, and they go to Australia and live in Sydney Cove with the convicts etc. to start a new life), after dinner and I had hit my word count before an early bed.
So, thank you , dear Irish Chicklette, I take my hat off to you. You saved the day.

And… something else I am thrilled about. Because we are doing the novel together, every second day I won’t be writing, so half the time of NaNo I have decided to dedicate to Elen, daughter of Faust! Can you imagine the super grin on my face right now?

Well, I gotta write. 😀