Ywriter- in my opinion, the writers best friend.

Stars: 4/5

Problems: I haven’t had any problems, glitches, or security threats from this program yet.

Function: Aids with novel writing, by breaking the novel into chapters and scenes. It is one program to store all your info about places in your book, characters with their description, back-stories, and pictures, the novel and much more.

Cost: Free!

I have been using Ywriter for NaNoWriMo this year, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am. I must admit that this is the first program I have ever had that has dealt with noveling, so I have nothing really to base it upon, but for free, what can you say?

If I haven’t gotten you over the line yet, you can choose to have typewriter sounds while you write.
Every time you hit a key it makes a typewrite *click, click, click* noise, and then when you go to the next line it makes the sliding noise and the *ching!* (It defiantly helps to keep the inspiration running!)
Did I mention it will also read out your story to you, so you can make sure it sounds alright?

Go here to download it.


An awesome, (so far) glitch free, easy to use outlining program, that you could easily spend hours on procrastinating! Its easy to condense information, and you can print your outlines out. Did I mention its free as well?

Write or Die

I havent downloaded this program (since it costs), but I had a play around with the free one on their website, its pretty cool. If you stop writing, you are quickly discipined with something terrible, until you keep writing again. Great way to get your word count up for NaNo.

 Hope this helps all those who are writers/ or doing NaNoWriMo!