Written by Abigail J. Hartman.
Recommended For: budding novelists, young Christian women.
Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy
Over All Rating: 3/5

Abigail Hartman is only a teenaged Christian girl, but she stepped out and wrote a historical novel. Set in England in the fourteen hundreds during a war between England and France. Fiona is a young girl living comfortably in England with her older brother. But when her older brother marches off to war, and soon he is brought home, dead. This shatters Fiona’s world, and any meaning she had to her life. She sets out on a mission to France to recover her brothers lost silver cross, that seemed to bring him so much joy and peace, and she finds out that she isn’t looking for the silver cross necklace at all, but the peace and meaning to life that her brother had.

Just the fact that a budding young novelist like me, got her book published, was the reason I bought this book, and it was nice because I have been following her blog for awhile, and I know a little of the person behind this novel.
Really, I cannot complain about this novel at all. It might have been a bit faster-paced, and the writing could have been a little better, but it was a first novel, and it was a wonderful story that really swept me up in it. You really honestly couldn’t guess what was next.

“So? And in what more have you failed me, pray tell?”
The young man did not reply immediately but fiddled all the more with his ornament. Fiona understood the gesture, though, and waved a hand disparagingly. “Oh, that,” said she. “You feel badly that you have not converted me, is that it? Come, Giovanni, am I so very bad? I can’t see that I have a great need for your degree of fanaticism in the Church.”
He looked at her firmly and quietly. “You are worse that you know,” he said simply.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 15/16 and up for reading alone and aloud.  Just a warning, there is a bad man who tries to take advantage of Fiona, and he is a character that comes up a lot. Nothing ever happens, but Mum has decided my younger sister won’t be reading it till she is fourteen.

If you enjoyed, you will also enjoy: The Brethren by H. Rider Haggard, Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson and her older sisters first book, The Shadow Things (by Jennifer Freitag), which I will shortly be writing a book review on.