Pinned ImageKalila almost choked. “Marry you?”
He nodded, a smile spreading over his face.
She frowned. He wasn’t asking her to be his concubine, he, the kings general was asking her to be his wife. “Why?”
“There is no reason,” he rose from his chair and came closer. “Except for passionate love,” he reached out to her, Kalila jumped back.
“No- no matter your grand wealth or your high standing I will NEVER marry you!” she spat in his face.
He pointed forcefully out the window. “the gallows are awaiting. Make a life for yourself, or take it away!” He shook his head as if unbelieving she would actually say no.
Kalila turned. “What really happened to the King?”
He met her gaze. “Only all I have told.”
She rolled her eyes. “What happened after I left?”
“Ran away you mean.”
She felt her hand clench into a punch and burn.
“You left, and took your freedom, and someone had to die in your place. The King went through with his offer.”
“Who did it?”
“My men did the act.”
Kalila shook her head. “I don’t understand why he did that!? Why did he come in the first place.”
“He was mentally retarded, I did this city a service, and he was in full agreement with it all.”
“Do the people know?”
“Nay- and they never will.”
“What if I tell them?” shot Kalila back.
“That will mean you’re alive and married to me, the future King, and if you do we will both be assassinated.”
He was dragging her down with her.
Kalila felt tears threaten. Would it be better to die, or live a life as if she was dead with this man?
“Give me one night,” Kalila held up one finger.
He shrugged. “Alright, but you will spend it in the servants quarters, a common wench isn’t going to sleep in my house until she is my wife.”
Kalila sighed letting her fists out and shot him a glance as she strode out of the room, holding her head high, but as soon as she had roughly shut the door behind her, she felt herself fall apart.

~ Written by Meggie. Protected with Copyscape. Read the other parts of this story here.