Kalila strode down the stairs, she could hear the two maids up ahead, she ran to catch up with them.
“Excuse me!”
The maids spun around and looked at her with eyebrows raised, stopped dead in their tracks.
“Y-yes ma’am?” the older one bowed, her white bonnet bobbed and a grey curl fell out, which she quickly pushed back under.
“With the king dead, who is next in line for the throne?”
“ ‘e had no heirs, m’lady. I-I would say our master.” she bowed again and turned hurriedly away.
“No, wait. Why did he never marry?”
“We are not supposed to speak to you, m’lady.”
“Why did he never marry?”
The older lady glanced around and then leaned closer. “His betrothed went missing, he searched for her, but couldn’t find her, she was to far lost.”
Kalila felt lump rise in her throat, he had been searching for her?
“Thank you,” she nodded, and smiled. They bowed and left her, the older lady looking shocked.
Kalila went off to the room she had been sitting in before. She sat down on the ground and stared at the floor she had left only five minutes ago.
He had been searching for her. He would marry no other. Why? Even though the last time he had probably seen her was when she and he were five years old. How could he have even remembered if she couldn’t? Did she have real parents?
Thoughts of luxury reds and blues, silk dresses, gold furnishing inside the palace, all she might have had if she hadn’t been taken. What would it have been like growing up in such a place?To be wedded to the king.

“But look what I have done!” she shouted. “Just go, let me die.”
“I cannot,” his eyes filled with tears.
“It is my own fault, I don’t even know you. Leave me alone!”
He shook his head. “Guards take these bonds off of Kalila.”

She had turned her back on his great love. And she would never be able to have another chance.
And she wept with all her heart.

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