Drip, drip, drip
The water from the hard rain that had been drumming the room the whole night was leaking into the servants quaters. It had wet a portion of the hem of her dress. She pulled her dress closer around her.
“I am coming,” she told the servant who had come to fetch her to him. The master of the house. The Kings general. The man who wanted to marry her or kill her.
She smoothed back her hair, checked her dress and took a deep breath in and walked out of the dirty, dank room.
They walked up those stairs. The lady opened the door for her and she enetered his study again, looking out the window, she realized what a dark, dank day it was. You could hardly see out into the street.
The door shut behind her, and he turned around, his eyebros raised.
“My lady.”
A silence filled the room.
“I know why you want me.”
He chuckled. “Why? What have you dreamt up?”
“You want to get back at him, even though he’s dead, for ruling when you wanted to rule.”
“Why would marrying a filthy mutt like you make me envious of a king?” He slammed the table with the palm of his hand, hissing.
“What if I accept you? Then you will have just called your future wife a filthy mutt, be careful of your words sir!”
He grimaced at her. “What is your decision.”
“I was betrothed to him- wasnt I?”
“Lies! Lies you have dreamt up!”
“Tell me! Why did you take me away from here?”
“Nothing like that ever-”
“Tell me!”
He pulled the dagger from his belt and ran towards her with a cry of agitation. “Do NOT speak to me like that! I will NOT be talked down upon.”
Kalila’s breathing came short and quick ,she felt the cold steel against her neck.

“I. Will. Never. Marry. You.”

He growled as he added pressure to the bejeweled dagger, but just at that moment, a sound came from behind her, the door was flung open.
“Release her.”
He immediatly slithered away from her, the dagger dropped on the floor, were she could see two drops of blood on its blade, she felt her throat, it was intact!
She turned around, in the doorway stood a man, dressed in red and purple, gold about his neck, carrying a two handed sword that had dropped to his side as his enemy had fallen.
“Where did you come from?”  gasped the kings general.

The people will see their great king dead
The people will mourn for his death;
But a greater and richer ruler will arise from among them.
He will rule with an iron hand, all will bow to him
The king will be as dead.”
He whispered.

“You were gone! Impentrable!” cried the general in agony.
“It’s you, isnt it?” Kalila whispered to herself, taking in the great mans atmosphere. She couldnt move.
“You used black magic, when will that ever do good? If you had ever been king, you would have read that love is stronger than black magic…
And I am love.”
“This is not true!” he yelled.
Then men came into the room, they grabbed that man roughly, he shouted laying curses on all of us, as they dragged him out of the room.
They left us there. Alone.
I fell on my face. “My king.”
I felt his hands on my arms raising me up, I stared into his loving face.
“I’m sorry, I never knew. I didnt want to know.”

“Your forgiven.”


Real Love


~ Meggie. Protected with copyscape. Read the begining of this story here.