“Marry you?” – Radical Love part 4

Pinned ImageKalila almost choked. “Marry you?”
He nodded, a smile spreading over his face.
She frowned. He wasn’t asking her to be his concubine, he, the kings general was asking her to be his wife. “Why?”
“There is no reason,” he rose from his chair and came closer. “Except for passionate love,” he reached out to her, Kalila jumped back.
“No- no matter your grand wealth or your high standing I will NEVER marry you!” she spat in his face.
He pointed forcefully out the window. “the gallows are awaiting. Make a life for yourself, or take it away!” He shook his head as if unbelieving she would actually say no.
Kalila turned. “What really happened to the King?”
He met her gaze. “Only all I have told.”
She rolled her eyes. “What happened after I left?”
“Ran away you mean.”
She felt her hand clench into a punch and burn.
“You left, and took your freedom, and someone had to die in your place. The King went through with his offer.”
“Who did it?”
“My men did the act.”
Kalila shook her head. “I don’t understand why he did that!? Why did he come in the first place.”
“He was mentally retarded, I did this city a service, and he was in full agreement with it all.”
“Do the people know?”
“Nay- and they never will.”
“What if I tell them?” shot Kalila back.
“That will mean you’re alive and married to me, the future King, and if you do we will both be assassinated.”
He was dragging her down with her.
Kalila felt tears threaten. Would it be better to die, or live a life as if she was dead with this man?
“Give me one night,” Kalila held up one finger.
He shrugged. “Alright, but you will spend it in the servants quarters, a common wench isn’t going to sleep in my house until she is my wife.”
Kalila sighed letting her fists out and shot him a glance as she strode out of the room, holding her head high, but as soon as she had roughly shut the door behind her, she felt herself fall apart.

~ Written by Meggie. Protected with Copyscape. Read the other parts of this story here.


Feelings versus Faith

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“Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not. – C. S. Lewis.

My feelings have gone. I do not hear His voice; I cannot feel Him near. I cannot tell if He is happy with me, or sad with me. I don’t know.
I think this is wear a Christian proves his faith, this is where the rubber meets the road. How do I know He is even real in such times? This is when it is the  most important time to be thankful, otherwise it’s easy to get down.

Have you ever been through such a time?

This is the time, when I must hold my head high, remember what I have in Christ- and take His promises for myself. I cannot feel His strength within me, but I will declare that I have it. I do not see Him protecting me, but I will tell the world that He is- that He is even with me.

My packages of joy at the moment are declaring Gods promises. That He is with me, though I don’t feel it.

Thank You, Lord, that you are forever with me.
Thank You for Your everlasting love, whether I falter on the narrow way or not.
Thank You for bright mornings, and fresh breezes.
Thank You for truth.

Here is a awesome quote I found in the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World  by Joanna Weaver that has really encouraged me:

A Test of Love

St. Augustine once preached a sermon in which he proposed a king of self-test to see if we truly love God:

Suppose God proposed you a deal and said, “I will give you anything you want. You can possess the whole world. Nothing will be impossible for you… Nothing will be a sin, nothing forbidden. You will never die, never have pain, never have anything you do not want and always have anything you do want- except for just one thing: you will never see my face.”

Augustine closed with a question:

Did a chill rise in your hearts, when you heard the words, “you will never see me face”? That chill is the most precious thing in you; that is the pure love of God.

Stop and think what you would have if you had everything you want. I thought along the lines of: Well, my family would never die or pass away, we would always live together, we wouldn’t go to work, the future would be certain, there would be no quarrelling, I would be able to hang with friends who honestly loved me, have enough money for anything I wanted…

The knowing that a little kernel of love is slowly growing within me for God, ooh, I am happy. I cant feel Him, I cant see Him- but I love Him!

Bring on the world, I’ll fight them with a hand behind my back. 😀

–          Meggie

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…


Joys come from simple and natural things: mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water. – Sigurd F. Olson.

Laying in the hammock in the swaying breeze at the end of the day as the mozzies start hanging around and the dim sun is only just filtering enough light to see the words on the page; feeling down after a quarrel and seeing a red blossom leaning to and fro, reminding me that God loves me; the early morning breeze filled with the twittering birds and the opening of the day like a fresh page ready to be filled with… well, whatever could happen; these are packages of joy.

It’s simple things, like a glowing sunset, the sound of a running stream or the fresh smell in a meadow that cause us to pause and marvel at the wonder of life, to contemplate its meaning and significance. Who can hold an autumn leaf in their hand, or sift the warm white sand on the beach, and not wonder at the Creator of it all? – anonymous.

Every Tuesday I want to embark on a quest. An adventure to open my eyes to the many things that God has given me, to be thankful for everything that I have, to choose to stop looking at my circumstances, and look beyond to the beautiful rose garden of life all around me.

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon- instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. – Dale Carnegie

I love the idea of God dropping little packages of joy in our laps throughout the day as expressions of His love, its just if we have the eyes to see it. I need to be thankful, positive, happy and content; who wants to be the opposite: unthankful, negative, sad and dissatisified?

Today I am thankful for…

Dew sticking to me feet as the morning breeze wafts over my face.
The Prescence of God always with us thoughout the day
My sisters 😀

And I want to ask you all to join me, to mention things you are happy and thankful for every Tuesday in comments or in your own blog post. And be creative! Write a poem or a story illustrating your happiness. Post photos or quotes that brought you some joy. Be happy- God loves you if you will only see it!

Have a joyful day,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello all!

I just wanted to say a teary thanks for those readers who have stuck around, encouragingly, and read this crazy box of a blog.
Also a farewell, to my dearest readers, and this year. I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas, and a great new year.
I’ll see you all on the other side- in 2012 when I will start blogging again.


The Soldiers Cross

Written by Abigail J. Hartman.
Recommended For: budding novelists, young Christian women.
Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Easy
Over All Rating: 3/5

Abigail Hartman is only a teenaged Christian girl, but she stepped out and wrote a historical novel. Set in England in the fourteen hundreds during a war between England and France. Fiona is a young girl living comfortably in England with her older brother. But when her older brother marches off to war, and soon he is brought home, dead. This shatters Fiona’s world, and any meaning she had to her life. She sets out on a mission to France to recover her brothers lost silver cross, that seemed to bring him so much joy and peace, and she finds out that she isn’t looking for the silver cross necklace at all, but the peace and meaning to life that her brother had.

Just the fact that a budding young novelist like me, got her book published, was the reason I bought this book, and it was nice because I have been following her blog for awhile, and I know a little of the person behind this novel.
Really, I cannot complain about this novel at all. It might have been a bit faster-paced, and the writing could have been a little better, but it was a first novel, and it was a wonderful story that really swept me up in it. You really honestly couldn’t guess what was next.

“So? And in what more have you failed me, pray tell?”
The young man did not reply immediately but fiddled all the more with his ornament. Fiona understood the gesture, though, and waved a hand disparagingly. “Oh, that,” said she. “You feel badly that you have not converted me, is that it? Come, Giovanni, am I so very bad? I can’t see that I have a great need for your degree of fanaticism in the Church.”
He looked at her firmly and quietly. “You are worse that you know,” he said simply.

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 15/16 and up for reading alone and aloud.  Just a warning, there is a bad man who tries to take advantage of Fiona, and he is a character that comes up a lot. Nothing ever happens, but Mum has decided my younger sister won’t be reading it till she is fourteen.

If you enjoyed, you will also enjoy: The Brethren by H. Rider Haggard, Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson and her older sisters first book, The Shadow Things (by Jennifer Freitag), which I will shortly be writing a book review on.




Half the joy of life is in little things taken on the run. Let us run if we must -even the sands do that- but let us keep our  hearts young and our eyes open that nothing worth our while escape us. And everything is worth its while if we only grasp it and its significance.
– Victor Cherbuliez

~ Meggie


The Eagle of the Ninth

Eagle of The Ninth 2004Rosemary Sutcliffe.
Recommended For: lovers of everything Roman, battles, adventure and loyalty.
Easy/ Hard Reading Rating: Medium
Over All Rating: 4/5

Rosemary Sutcliffe absolutely astonished me with her play with words. She is best at her visual description, it really is breathtaking. It one of those books that I have to start reading it aloud to feel the words just lift me off and take me away.
Marcus is a young Roman, the son of one of the men who was a part of the ninth legion that marched into Britain and was never found again. Marcus sets off with a native of Britain, Esca, and the two loyal friends search high and low, to retrieve the eagle (the ninth legions icon), and find out what happened to Marcus father.

Certainly, I loved the book. The only thing that I really found annoying was, of course, Marcus followed after Thor, the thunder god, and, seriously, this book would have immediately escalated to my favourite of favourites list if he had but been a Christian.
The other thing is just a pet thing, the girl he marries in the end, well, I wasn’t convinced that they really loved each other. He never outright said to her ‘I love you, will you marry me?’ it’s a whole lot of second guessing. You get the idea that they married, though.

He lifted it from its place, realizing as he did that the last Roman hand to touch the stained and battered shaft had been his father’s. An odd, potent link across the years , and he held to it as to a talisman, as he set about freeing the Eagle from its staff. – Chapter 15: The Feast of New Spears.

Marcus did not answer, but settled down to ride as he had never ridden before. The dark heather streaked backward under his pony’s thudding hooves, the long harsh hairs of its mane sprayed back over his wrists, and the wind sung past his ears. For one flashing instant there rose in him the exultancy of speed, the surge and the splendour that he had once thought never to know again. The I instant past, swift as a darting flight of a kingfisher. He was riding for his life with the dark hunt in full cry behind him, putting out all his skill to keep clear of hidden pitfalls, the hummocks and snags and snarls among the heather that might bring disaster… – Chapter 17: The Wild Hunt

Suggested Age for Enjoyable Reading: 12 for reading alone and aloud; Just to warn you, in Chapter 15: The Feast of New Spears there is a scene of some idol worshipping, which I personally did not read on the advice of Mrs. BB. The book made perfect sense even though I didn’t read that part. If you want to know exactly were I stopped reading and then started again in that chapter, let me know via a comment, but defiantly, read the chapter, don’t just skip it!

If you enjoyed, you will also enjoy: Pearl Maiden by H. Rider Haggard and anything by G. A. Henty. (And this book has just been brought out as a movie, The Eagle.)

~ Meggie

Inspiring, Comforting and Defining

Here are three packages of joy that God has given me in the last week. I hope they encourage you to keep looking out for them in your life. The funny thing about God is even if your not paying attention, He is still flinging love and gifts to you. Open your eyes.



Something inspiring…

When the first lot of bibles were printed ( actually, the first lot of books ever to be printed) Mr. Gutenburg said this:

Religious truth is captive in a small number of little manuscripts, which guard the common treasures instead of expanding them. Let us break the seal which binds these holy things; let us give wings to truth that it may fly with the Word, no longer prepared at vast expense, but multitudes everlastingly by a machine which never wearies –  to every soul who enters life. (Quoted in Mathematics: Is God Silent? By James Nickel- did you think you could get something like that out of a maths books? 😀 )

Before that, 300 bibles had been printed and sold to commoners for the first time. The birth of the printed word, and it was the Word of God… doesn’t that make you want to run out and tell someone about Jesus!?

Some things that comforts me…

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law, but under grace. – Romans 6:14

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. – Dorothy Bernard.

And a quote that makes me open my eyes for those joyous packages:

All the things in this world are gifts and signs of God’s love to us. The whole world is a love letter from God. – Peter Kreeft

A defining moment this week…

Living out James 5:16 (Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. ) And consequently having the best worship time ever.

Thanks Lord.
Soli Deo Gloria,



How to Survive NaNoWriMo


Ywriter- in my opinion, the writers best friend.

Stars: 4/5

Problems: I haven’t had any problems, glitches, or security threats from this program yet.

Function: Aids with novel writing, by breaking the novel into chapters and scenes. It is one program to store all your info about places in your book, characters with their description, back-stories, and pictures, the novel and much more.

Cost: Free!

I have been using Ywriter for NaNoWriMo this year, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am. I must admit that this is the first program I have ever had that has dealt with noveling, so I have nothing really to base it upon, but for free, what can you say?

If I haven’t gotten you over the line yet, you can choose to have typewriter sounds while you write.
Every time you hit a key it makes a typewrite *click, click, click* noise, and then when you go to the next line it makes the sliding noise and the *ching!* (It defiantly helps to keep the inspiration running!)
Did I mention it will also read out your story to you, so you can make sure it sounds alright?

Go here to download it.


An awesome, (so far) glitch free, easy to use outlining program, that you could easily spend hours on procrastinating! Its easy to condense information, and you can print your outlines out. Did I mention its free as well?

Write or Die

I havent downloaded this program (since it costs), but I had a play around with the free one on their website, its pretty cool. If you stop writing, you are quickly discipined with something terrible, until you keep writing again. Great way to get your word count up for NaNo.

 Hope this helps all those who are writers/ or doing NaNoWriMo!


Packages of Joy – some more thoughts

“There is so much in the world for us all if we only have the eyes to see it…”
– Anne of the Island, XXXVII

A beautiful flower dangling down right in your pathway, a package of books your order that come three weeks earlier than you expected, your dad unexpectedly comes home from work with the news that he won’t be working the next two nights through anymore, because a miracle happened and they managed to do the job done in one afternoon!

 Let me say this, God is amazing.

 As soon as I actually started looking out for these tiny blessings, I felt like I was hit with a tidal wave. I’ve been asking God for awhile now to make His love real to me. And He had been all that time, I had just been too stressed, caught in the moment, or discontent to see it.

 Eating lunch with a friend. Trying to do a decent days work. Hearing the rain patter against the window. There is no event so commonplace but that God is present within, always hiddenly, always leaving room to recognize Him or not to recognize Him. – Frederick Buechner.

 I think that is how I have learned to look. By getting some perspective and stepping back and looking at my one, solitary, today against the whole of eternity. Suddenly, things come a lot clearer. It doesn’t matter if I don’t come through NaNoWriMo victorious, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get that pile of shirts ironed, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have time to blog.
Then my eyes were opened. I could walk through the day and see these packages of joy that God plants in my life every week.

 A few nights ago I felt desolate, with a very strong tidal wave of loneliness. Today, God dropped into my lap an article of a girl my age, literally shouting in my ear, it’s the scheme of Satan to make you think there are not other girls out there that don’t hold your ideals, your passion for Christ, you want to please Him. It is a lie. You are not alone. (http://jenniferandkathryn.blogspot.com/2011/11/am-i-crazy.html) My goodness, those words sure hit home.

 Then, yesterday, I was reminded again to look for those packages when I read the recent post on, ‘The Journey’. Please, go check it out, it’s a true story of Katie, a young missionary over in Uganda, Africa, looked for the packages of joy in her own desolation.
It’s the post on January 1, 2011: http://www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ 

 Praise God! Now, I want to all challenge you something, girls. I want everyone who reads this post to blog about their take on packages of joy, and  how God blessed them today, to remind us and strengthen us in being joyful and praising God. (If you do please sign the linky below, or comment with the link to your post so I can read it too!)

 Who is with me?

~ Meggie

 Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done;
And Your thoughts towards us cannot be recounted to You in order;
If I should declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered. – Psalm 40:5