My Novel: Elen, daughter of Faust



Elen, daughter of Faust


First-Draft, 80,000 words of 100,000 words

Synopsis: Elen was kidnapped from her elven parents at an early age and enslaved by  the goblin race, Borgs. They have brought her up and taught her everything she knows in the art of healing, but Elen longs for her own family. When the Borgs enlist her as a spy to her own people, will she turn her back against her people? Will she find the family she has always longed for?

This is loosely based upon a short story I wrote which you can read here.

Main Characters:

  • Elen, main character, elven woman
  •  Colm, a spy for the goblins, he is half-human, half-elf.
  • Spiro, the innkeepers son, and good friend of Elen and Colm.
  • Lothar, a maturing warrior and leader. One of the strengths of the elven army.
  • Lysander,one of the four elven lords ( the Kings advisors).



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