Simon Peter is Called

LUKE 5:1-11

The people pressed closer and closer as Jesus tried to preach to them. They were making it difficult however with all their pushing and shoving – to get closer to Him. The one who had great wisdom, understanding and the fear of God was in His speech.
Unknowingly they pushed Jesus closer and closer to the Lake of Gennesaret. Soon He would end up in the water if He did not do something quickly. Jesus saw some fisherman that had just come in with their big nets used for fishing at night. They were scrubbing and cleaning the nets in the water. Deep circles under their eyes and their muscles straining showed they were tired and had probably been out all night. But instead of cheery calls to each other and singing songs whilst they worked, they were quiet and seemed to be a little depressed. Not surprising because they had been out all night and had caught nothing. Not even one guppy.
Slowly pushing Jesus was now ankle deep in water. So, He swung into the fisherman’s boat and taught the people from there. The people heard with excitement – but Jesus knew that they had no understanding of what He was telling them.
One of the fishermen, named Simon, was in the boat with Jesus, having his back to Him and washing his nets with a frown upon his face. Despair blocked the sound of Jesus’ voice from his ears.
“Launch out into deep water and let out your nets for a catch.” Simon spun around – had he heard correctly. Seeing Jesus’ face he smirked. “Master, we have toiled all night and have caught nothing! (Surely this man could see their soberness?) Nevertheless,” Simon sighed. “We will let down our nets.” It was worth a shot, but they had their night time nets. The fish would surely see them and flee!
Simon put out the boat and it rocked with Jesus inside out into the deep part of Lake Gennesaret. With some other men, Simon threw the nets out of the boat. Simon went to haul the net up, but lo! The net did not budge. Simon’s eyes grew wider as the men hauled the net to no avail. The glittering of many bodies lay in the net underneath the water. The fish started swimming and the men felt the net go under the water. Jesus stood on with His calm and sweet face. “Get over here!” one of the men called and the other boat came out. The men in that boa started hauling and together they just managed to haul the net into the boat. Fish spilled onto the deck, slithering and sliding, filling up the boats until they started spilling overboard.
Simon’s eyes grew wide. He had mocked this man when He had asked him to go and throw his nets out.
Fear swept over Simon as the boat started rocking violently even though the water was quite still. He looked over the side into the water.
“Were sinking!” he gasped. All his past sins swept over him, and he was greatly afraid. He ran to Jesus and fell at His feet on the slithering bodies of the fish around and underneath him. “Please,” begged Simon Peter. “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!” tears streaked down Peter’s face as he rose to his knees in front of Jesus. Jesus smiled, that filled Peter with a reason for hope, in a hopeless world.
“Do not be afraid. From now on you will be fishers of men.” As Simon Peter worked to bring the boats to land, the words rang in his head. He had no idea what he was in for……

Please remember that this is copyrighted and cannot be used anywhere without the authors permission. Written by Meggie


1 thought on “Simon Peter is Called”

  1. Meggie! I read this for the first time yesterday…wow, it’s really, really good! You’re a great writer. Keep it up!

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